A lesson for us all...

Well here's a lesson for us all...

So I've been comping in earnest since December 2017. I mainly do it as a hobby in my spare time, I also find it therapeutic as the competitions give me something to focus on.

Anyway, I've had a few nice little wins since then, and this Christmas for the first time I decided to enter the advent calendar competitions. I'd clearly gone into autopilot whilst doing this, and probably thought I wouldn't win, as I received a surprise email from Horse & Rider magazine to say I'd won some horse shampoo. I don't have a horse. I did contemplate putting the high shine shampoo in my husband's shower hoping he wouldn't notice, but I couldn't bring myself to do this. So I now either have to win a horse or gift the shampoo to someone who actually owns a horse.

I'm always happy and grateful to win a prize, but the moral of this winner's story is to be selective about which competitions you enter as you never know what you'll receive next!

Keep comping compers.

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