First win...but I don't know where from

I received a surprise delivery yesterday of 12 bottles of delicious adult soft drinks from a company called Zag, but as I haven't signed up to their website before I must have won them from somewhere else - the trouble is I have absolutely no idea where I won them from. The drinks are a sparkling blend of mint, hemp, kombucha and a bunch of other ingredients - it sounds odd but it tastes really good and are perfect for Dry January. The upside of The PrizeFinder is that I can find hundreds of competitions a month to enter, but the downside of course is that I can't remember everything I have entered, so when a prize arrives like this with no note, I can never remember where it came from! Still, the drink tastes great and I'm very grateful for the win. Thanks The PrizeFinder for pointing me in the right direction once again

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Cheryl Parkes