Cookery Book wins

Two really useful wins in January were cookery books. The first to arrive was Stork the art of Home baking and the second was Speedy Mob.
The art of Home Baking I passed on to my Mum as she always bakes lovely pies. I am hoping to be rewarded with one or two of her experiments with the new book. I think this was won from Hurst Media - I entered the competition as there were lots of lovely prizes.
The second book Speedy Mob is useful as it gives me new ideas for speedy dinners - this was won from Sainsburys magazine.
It's lovely to have something new to read delivered straight to your door at the moment. Well done the prize delivery promotions team for managing this at the moment.
Also keep up the good work Prizefinder as without you we would not find as many new comps. It's a distraction to lose yourself in entering competitions and stops you thinking about other worries.

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