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Dreams really do come true!!!
By Olivia Byrne on Thu, 14 Aug 2014

I have been entering comps for over 2 years and entered hundreds of iPad competitions. I thought I was getting my hopes up to just be disappointed. My sister used to always say to me 'you will never win an iPad & when you do I will give you a massage', let's just say she owes me that massage! I was so lucky enough last week that I checked my emails and found an email titled 'Competition Winner - iPad', immediately I thought, SCAM, as I get a lot of them but to my own surprise it was legit and I was so excited I screamed! I never actually thought iPad comps could be real! I won an iPad mini, which I am waiting for (very patiently). It is the best prize I have won so far and winning the iPad just made me realise how amazing my hobby is and that other people should comp too!!

Just waiting for a £500 BBQ to arrive!
By Andrew Jackson on Thu, 14 Aug 2014

OK, it's been a while since my last win, but then I only enter the 'Top Prize' comps, so I accept that it may be many months between prizes. However, for about an hour and a half each weekend I carefully use to enter maybe 40 or 50 comps. And I think I've been quite lucky! The posh barbie is due to arrive today. I got a £200 Brabantia kitchen bin a few months back. And a £1000 diamond necklace. And a holiday to Nantes in France. And best of all, my house cleaned each week for a year.

I've been comping for a few years now and must offer my thanks to everyone who helped by adding the vital links to the comps I won. And to those of you who are yet to win - persevere! Keep entering and I reckon everyone wins eventually...

By Philip on Thu, 14 Aug 2014


I got up this morning to find a DVD on my door mat from the NEO Magazine (MVM Anime-on-line) competition. If you never seen any anime I would recommend you try some there are so many different styles to choose from including Action & Adventure, Comedy, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Drama and Horror. Looking forward to watching this show with all my friends this weekend thanks again!


I am so delighted
By Karen Pemberton. on Wed, 13 Aug 2014

I only comp sporadically, but decided to give it a go again this summer and was delighted to receive an email from Jamie Magazine telling me that I have won a cookery course at L'Anima. As I am mad about Masterchef (and eating!) this will be a real treat ... Compounded by the delivery this morning of six cases of Galvanina, a new sparkling wTer/fruit juice blend. yum! Thanks yous all round to Jamie Magazine, Galvanina and, of course, ThePrizefinder, who give me so many great links.

Unexpected win
By Stephanie Aitken on Wed, 13 Aug 2014

My friend had told me she kept on winning prizes. I was thinking to myself, god I'm so unlucky and can't win a argument. I was busy at work when my phone rang to my great surprise a guy on the other end asked me to confirm my address as I was one of the ones that had been chosen to win a iPhone 5c !!! I thought this was so kind of con but to my surprise 10 days later a parcel arrived for me containing a iPhone 5c. I was so chuffed it was my first win and hopefully not my last :)

Newbie Wins! :D
By Abigail Daniel on Wed, 13 Aug 2014

So I just started comping again after a few years break!
I have been entering competitions now for two weeks like a mad woman and it has payed off!
I have won...

Krug Baumen Air Traveller Diamond Black Dial steel-gold strap watch! worth £299! :D
(From a Facebook competition)
A £30 portrait of my pet/pets from another Facebook competition too! for naming her pet snake - Ernie! :D
Caprice faux diamond golden keyring - Runner up Facebook competition
Higgidy little quiche + Packet of Strawberry urban fruit

I've won a few from the Facebook competitions now. Fingers crossed for all the other types :D
Good luck everyone and don't give up! ^_^ x

One month later
By Graca on Tue, 12 Aug 2014

If you had told me last year that I would be spending some of my free time entering endless amounts of competitions I would have laughed in your face. But here I am today and I have just won two economy flights to any location in Brazil. When I first got the email I just couldn't stop laughing because I had always thought it would take me at least a year to win something big and with my previous bad luck I thought I would be lucky to win anything at all, but no, only after 1 month of entering competitions did I win. Now I just can't wait to be out in the sun, by the pool and drinking endless amounts of cocktails in nice bars and restaurants. I wouldn't have been able to win without ThePrizeFinder, it's a true gem for people who love entering competitions like myself.

A Good Summer
By S. Sanders on Mon, 11 Aug 2014

I am still waiting for the elusive big one but am happy to report a trickle of small Facebook wins, mostly through like and share posts. Through July I have won the following:


I have slowed down on the competitions as I was entering hundreds per week and not winning but I now concentrate on facebook comps as I like that most of the posts upload the name of the winner, so will keep on at them.

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